Ballroom Dance Back on Hilton Head!

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Ballroom Dance Back on Hilton Head!

Help us welcome back professional, fun and TRULY AFFORDABLE ballroom dance to Hilton Head!

Our new Studio 104 has sound provided from four premium in-ceiling speakers, subdued lighting, proper dance floor and full-seating.

Studio 104 is attached to a separate party room with tables and chairs, plus a kitchen area for food and more, and tastefully designed restroom facilities.

The Next Class is Argentine Tango & It Starts Monday, Oct. 15 at 6:45pm. This 6 week class is taught by Professional Savannah Tango Dance Teacher David Allen.

This class is $75 up front per person or $15 per class / per person as you go. Call or email to reserve or for more information.

The Next Saturday Night Salsa on Hilton Head is Oct 27 at 7pm – and it’s a “Salsa and More Halloween Dance Party!” This party headed up by Savannah Salsa Dance Pro Austin Williams.

This Dance Party is $15. per person. Snacks and more provided. Call or email to reserve or for more information.


Don\'t think this is just for girls
We do not live in HHI but were coming to the beach for my son's birthday with his friends. My son had his birthday party here and couldn't have had a better time. The price was very reasonable. If you have an active boy and you are stuck at the beach on a rainy day, think about spending a few hours here.
, Hilton Head

I really like move and motion!!! With a mix of dance, gymnastics, ribbons, trapeze and more, move and motion has it all! Summer camp is great as well ... I think move and motion is a great place to be physical and have some fun! :)
, HHI South Carolina

My daughter started two weeks ago and it's all she talks about. She loves it and all of the staff are very patient and welcoming!!!
, Hilton Head Island

Could not be more perfect scheduling!
, Hilton Head

Coach Suzette is absolutely great with kids. So patient and encourages them to do their best. My 4 year old always asks if "today" is gymnastics day!
, Hilton Head Island, SC

I love m&m and I miss you guys so much but don't worry I'm coming back soon!!!
, Hilton head island

Great place to do Pilates!

I love m&m and I will miss it but coming back soon!!!
It has nice and good coaches who always makes sure everyone is doing well and they push everyone to the limit there are loyal friends there to who always have your back. Move and motion is the best place to go. And p.s. I am not an adult but you probably already know that!
, Hilton head island

Coach Suzette has the perfect balance of discipline, control and fun. Thank you!
, Hilton Head Island, SC

Can't wait to bring the little ones back

Very Nice

Loved our Move and Motion experience with Suzette. Who would have thought she'd have us climbing on day one? Thank you Suzette!
, On vacation in Hilton Head

Move and Motion Rocks!
, Hilton Head Island

Move and Motion is Wonderful If you have a child or young teen This would be great if they have any interest in yoga or Gymnastic From a former national Gymnast.
, Hilton Head

Coach Suzette has the perfect balance of discipline, control and fun. Thank you!

Move and Motion is rated 5.5/5 based on 26 reviews.
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